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Viking 43 Open

Viking 43 Open

Hmmm, my kind of boat. If I were rich, I'd want to buy one of these.

It has always baffled me why, in the south, the open fisherman wasn't a more popular boat.

I mean, everyone says they like the great outdoors, but then they wrap themselves up in a closed box.

Maybe its because the ladies don't like to sweat, who knows. I don't like to sweat either, but I got to tell you, you'll do a lot less sweating on a boat like this than one where they tried to cram a house worth of accommodations into a 43 foot space. Entire Article.

Buying a Boat

All About Buying Used and Older Boats

There are Great Values in Used Boats, But the Cost is More Than Just the Price

When we were young, we just loved the idea of buying a new car. But by the time we've owned three or four of them - often without paying off the balance of last one before buying the next - eventually we discover what a tremendous waste of our financial resources this is.

When it comes to boats the situation's not much different, except now we're talking about serious money. Entire Article

Maintenance, Repairs

How to Prevent Your Boat from Sinking

A Simple Self-survey Can Prevent Big Trouble

Tens of thousands of boats of all types and sizes sink every year, most of them at their dock. The exact number is not known because there is no agency that keeps statistics. But just ask any marine insurance company and they will tell you that the number is far too high. In fact, sinking is the number one cause of major marine losses, and one of the primary reasons why marine insurance costs so much. Entire Article

Hull Blisters

Illustration of Water Absorption from a Hull Interior

Many Water Saturated Hulls Don't Blister

Quite a few people have written or called to tell us that they know of some proven methods of repairing bottom blisters that constitute a full and final solution.

Each of the systems and products offered by West, Ashland Chemical and International Paint were mentioned.

These, of course, are the most widely used products, but are also the most frequently involved in the failures, if only by virtue of their widespread use. Entire Article

Marine Surveyor Related

Moisture Meters on Boat Hulls

Do They Produce Reliable Results?

They have had surveys performed on boats they propose to buy on which the surveyor used a moisture meter on the hull.

The surveyors gave the results of the meter readings, but were apparently unwilling or unable to provide a comprehensive explanation of those results; at best, these people told me, the surveyor’s advice was vague. Entire Article.

Core and Structural Issues

Are They Fiberglass Boats Anymore?

It happened when I was asked by a client to attend an auction of storm damaged boats here in Fort Lauderdale.

There were two minor hurricanes and one tropical storm in Florida last year, but other than to trees, I wasn't aware of much damage having occurred.

In fact, during one of the hurricanes, I was out there with a video camera filming what was going on at several marinas.

Not much, except for a few people that did nothing to prepare. Mostly it was these people's boats that ended up in the auction. Entire Article

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Florida Keys

The Last Remnants of the Old Florida Keys


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Mid Size Power Boats
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Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats
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Marine Investigations
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