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D. H. Pascoe & Co, Inc. is publisher of books on power boats and marine survey business by David H. Pascoe, marine surveyor (retired) with 40 years' experience and his educational online articles, as well as exclusive online retailer of his books. Visit our web sites for more details.

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Boat Purchase Guide Books

Mid Size Power Boats by David H. Pascoe

"Mid Size Power Boats"
A Guide for Descriminating Buyers

30 to 55 feet Cruiser Class

Focuses exclusively on fiberglass power boats of the cruiser class, generally 30-55 feet, with discussions on the pros and cons of each type: Expresses, trawlers, motor yachts, multi purpose types, sport fishermen and sedan cruisers.

The most comprehensive personal guide to the evaluation and selection of both new and used mid size power boats.

Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats by David H. Pascoe

"Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats"
Selecting and Evaluating New and Used Boats

Totally dedicated to blue water type outboard boats, not jet boats, I/O's, pontoon boats, bass boats or mega yachts. You won't be just reading part of it and disregarding the rest, or paying for something that is irrelevant.

Marine Survey Business Books

Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats (2E) by David H. Pascoe

"Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats"
2nd Edition

The Art of Pre-Purchase Survey

Written for both the aspiring, novice nd experienced survyors. Provides a foundation of essentials for anyone who wants to begin a marine surveying career, or just hone up on one's stills and knowledge.

Marine Investigations by David H. Pascoe

"Marine Investigations"

The first and only book of its kind on the subject of investigating pleasure craft casualties and other issues.
Although written primrily with the Nrth American market in mind, international surveyors will find that the principles employed here are equally applicable to wherever marine surveyros are to be found.

For more details of books, please visit www.davidpascoe.com.

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