About Our Mobile Web Site

yachtsurvey.mobi - mobile web site

Currently, at our mobile web site, you can browse short table of contents of each book and list of all online articles available at this site. The article titles link to full version articles at this site.

If you are browsing by MS Explore and click the link or icon, you will not see the home page. Instead you will get a message:

File Download - Security Warning
Do you want to save this file, or find a program online to open it?

This is because MS Explore does not recognize mobile page file extension "xhtml".

Users of Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera and others will see mobile version pages, fit to your full screen width. On Opera browser, you have choice for small screen view to see what our mobile pages look like on mobile device.

For more information on each browser, please visit the browser site.

We will be adding more contents over time, if it makes sense to make them available for mobile device.

Although we will not be able to respond individually, your comments are always welcome.

D. H. Pascoe & Co., Inc.

Posted June 5, 2007