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Here's short description of what you will find at this site.

Educational Online Articles

There are over 150 articles on the subjects of buying, owning and maintaining boats, and are based on my family's 50+ years experience in surveying boats of all types. Our collective surveying experience began in 1947.

We also have many boat reviews. These are "reviews", not surveys, and bear no resemblance to our survey reports. We do not publish the results of the surveys that we perform. Please note that the purpose of these reviews is educational, to help you discern the differences in quality among boats generally. They are not offered as a means to help you evaluate any particular boat builder. We have no other reviews than those posted.

Book Publishing

With 40 years experience in marine survey business and insight into boating industry, we are uniquely qualified as a publisher of books on power boats, boat purchase guide as well as boating industry business. 

In addition to readers in the United States, boaters and boating industry professionals from nearly 60 countries have purchased our books, since introduction of the first book "Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats" in 2001.

See Books for more details.

Note: Books are not compilation of articles from this web site.

David Pascoe - Marine Surveyor



Mid Size Power Boats
Mid Size Power Boats
focuses exclusively on cruiser class power boats: Expresses, trawlers, motor yachts, multi purpose types, sport fishermen and sedan cruisers.

Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats
Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats
is totally dedicated to blue water type outboard boats; boats that are sea worthy for heading out into open water, offshore.

Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats
Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats
2nd Edition
provides a foundation of essentials for anyone who wants to begin a marine surveying career, or just hone up on one's skills and knowledge.

Marine Investigations
Marine Investigations
The first and only book of its kind on the subject of investigating pleasure craft casualties and other issues.
Expand your marine business!
Conducting marine investigations can help free you from the limitations of a seasonal business and expand your business opportunities and income.

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-To Buy or Not to Buy...A Blistered Boat, That Is

-All About Buying Used and Older Boats

- The Perfect Boat

- Deck Leaks

- Windows, Windows, Those Leaking Windows

- How to Repair Window Leaks

- All about Bilge Pumps

- How to Prevent Your Boat from Sinking

Boat Safety at Sea Boat Handling Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

- Navigation Lights

- Small Boat Safety at Sea

- Intermediate size fishermen and cruisers

- Docking in Style

- Rough Water Seamanship Part I

- Getting Caught in Thunder Storms

 - Safe Harbor

- Your Legal Obligation during a Storm

- Surveying Storm Damaged Boats

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Dockside Reports

- Why Internal Hull Areas Should Be Accessible

Cored Hull

- Are They Fiberglass Boats Anymore?

- Cored Hull Bottoms

- Sea Ray and Balsa Core Bottoms

- Core Materials

- Hi Tech Materials in Boat Building


- Corrosion in Marinas

-Corrosion (with 9 photos)

Design & Construction Faults

- Top Twenty Design & Construction Faults

- Bubble Boats

- Screw-it

Gas or Diesel?

- Gas -vs- Diesel Part II

- Gas Engines

- Power Options : Gas Versus Diesel

Insurance Issues
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